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Packaging 2 Polymers

Pozzilli Plant

The P2P plant will be one of Europe’s leading plants in the production of post-consumer recycled plastic polymers (PCR), with a strong innovation unique in Italy.

It is fundamentally based on three integrated plant areas: experimental primary selection, washing lines, and extrusion plants.

The plants are able to receive and select the incoming material, separating the plastic that will not be processed by P2P (LDPE/LLDPE film, PS, ABS, PMMA, etc.) from that which will instead be processed into a saleable finished product: rHDPE (High Density Polyethylene), rPP (Polypropyline), rPET (Polyethylene terephtalate).


The aim is to produce high quality, high purity polymers that can also be used for ‘food grade’ packaging. For this, the best existing technologies will be used, as well as numerous optical readers equipped with ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (NIR), which will be used to separate polyolefins and PET, recognising their type and colour.

The production process at the P2P factory starts with the receipt of the bales to be sorted, which are then sent to the pre-washing and, subsequently, to the washing lines. The last part of the process involves the extrusion of the flakes, which includes deodorisation and molecular re-grading through the “post-crystallisation” tower (in the case of PET). Finally, there will be a final extrusion process to process the granules ready to be stored and shipped.

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